Blockchain Bulletin: Breaking News and Insights on Crypto Technology

Bitcoin’s price has more than doubled this year, rising from just under $1,000 per coin at the start of the year to over $2,500 as of press time.Some analysts are attributing the recent bitcoin price surge to speculative investment, while others believe that it is a sign of increasing mainstream adoption. Whatever the reason, bitcoin’s price is certainly on the upswing. Ethereum rebounds as Coinbase expands its Ethereum product lineEthereum is on the rise once again, this time thanks to one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase. The company has announced that it is expanding its product line to include Ethereum trading and custody services. This will make it much easier for users to buy and sell Ethereum, as well as keep their assets safe. Coinbase has also stated that it plans to add more cryptocurrencies in the future. This is good news for Ethereum, as it continues to grow in popularity. Cryptocurrencies are soaring in value as the market continues to move higher. Here’s what you need to know today: Ripple is seeing a spike in value today, up more than 10% on the day.

The reason for this is unclear, but speculation is that it could be related to rumors that South Korean financial institutions are starting to invest in the cryptos. Ethereum is also seeing strong prices today, up more than 8%. This may be due to an upcoming conference called “”Ethereum Enterprise Summit”” which will be held in London on November 15th and 16th. During the event, Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s founder, will discuss “”The Future of Dapps.”” Dapps are decentralized applications which can run on the Ethereum network. Bitcoin still dominates the market by a large margin, with prices up around 8%. However, there have been some other notable increases today including Litecoin (+6%), NEO (+5%) and crypto news Cardano (+4%). Bitcoin Cash continues to lead the cryptocurrency market cap, with a value of $10.5 billion as of press time. Bitcoin Cash is up 9% in 24 hours, according to Ethereum is second with a value of $8.3 billion, up 1%. Ripple also saw some growth, increasing 2%.

Litecoin and EOS are both down 0.5%, while Bitcoin remains unchanged at $8,031 per coin as of writing this article. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has delayed a decision on a proposed bitcoin ETF, according to Reuters. The agency cited concerns about the market stability of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The delay could mean that the SEC will not approve the ETF this year. In March, the SEC denied a request for an ETF from SolidX Bitcoin Trust, citing concerns about market volatility and fraud. In its filing with the SEC, SolidX said that it would sell its bitcoins solely in NAVs and that it would subject itself to daily portfolio reviews by an independent third-party. As the world moves ever closer to a future where cryptocurrencies will be the norm, it’s important to stay up to date with all the latest news. In this blog post, we’ll roundup some of the top stories from the crypto currency world this week.

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